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a project after a really long gap…and a minimalist one at that..


Just a minimalist way of showing my thanks…

A fan work, explaining an idea which I firmly believe.

Really in love with The Prodigy’s ‘Invaders Must Die’. Critics complained that it is not as good as their “Music for the Jilted Generation” and “The Fat of the Land”. But still, the album is way better and more interesting than most of the recent releases.


How many of you have looked at the clouds and always found a clear form of an animal or a face or an object? And how many times, though it is clearly visible to you, the person standing with you just can’t figure out the form?

This might look like a work of fantasy, but I will disagree. It happens all the time. To almost everyone.

I can’t operate on the internet without google. Yup, I am that dependent. This simple image was done today, to show some of the services I use. A lot.

I was busy all this time with the greatest project I can ever associate with myself right now. I will post more info on that in some days.

I have created a Google Chrome web app. You can download it here.

This is what to do after you have downloaded it. Unzip the file. It will lead to two zip files.

No need to unzip maps_app.
Unzip instructions and follow from 1. Excuse the writing as it was written with a broken mouse. Hope you find the application useful.

Those who know Sting and don’t know The Police, are the morons who learned their music from MTV. Get their albums, and you will realize that Sting sang the best songs when he was in the band. Yes, including “Every breath you take“.

A brilliant idea can shake the normal status quo. Unsuspecting people, living their regular lives, suddenly get hit by an idea that changes the way they live the lives. Silicon valley does that time and again. Musicians have done that time and again. Great statesmen have done that time and again. Wikileaks promises to do it now.

This song is to reflect that warm feeling of normalcy feeling the ripples of a slow burning change. Download it here.

Any person has a thing or a goal he/she wants to achieve. Something, which has a high percentage of not working out. Few of them actually set out to do that. I am right now in a similar position. And there are million reasons why it might not work. But all those preparations and studying and practicing are making me feel good. I composed this song to reflect that feeling. The satisfaction of trying your best.

You can listen to the song on my tumblr account. The 4shared website is down, so couldn’t upload, so no download.

After getting inspired by the numerous online comic strips, I decided to do one as a 20% project. Single column, 5 panels. 2 goth loving characters: wtf and ftw. The process started out as a drawing, then later, traced on Illustrator and brought together in Photoshop. Click on the image to read. Hope you enjoy this.

Snapshots of the process: